I’m an astronomer and science communicator, currently based at MIT in Cambridge, MIT. To find out more about me click here.

I specialise in the study of transiting exoplanets, specifically the detection and characterisation of new worlds using space-based survey telescopes such as Kepler, TESS and PLATO. If that means doesn’t mean much, head to my “Exoplanets – The Basics” page.

To read more about me and find my CV, click here. Or send me an email at hosborn​@​mit.edu or hugh.osborn​@​space.unibe.ch

To find my recent talks, click here.

To see my analyses of TOIs and Monotransits, go to https://hposborn.github.io, and to see my public code repositories visit my github at https://github.com/hposborn.

I am also co-presenter of the monthly exoplanet podcast, exocast and infrequently add posts to my blog, Lost In Transits. Recent posts include:

News Updates

November 2019 – I have started the CHESS fellowship based at the University of Bern & MIT and combining TESS and Cheops space telescopes.

March 2019 – Our paper on classifying TESS candidates with neural networks (born at FDL 2018) is on the arxiv.

Jan 2019 – Our paper on the campaign to follow the potential eclipse of PDS110 is on the arxiv (spoiler – we didn’t find it)

June 2018 – I am spending the summer between NASA Ames and the SETI institute at the Frontier Development Lab – a collaboration between astronomy & machine learning experts.

August 2017 – Based on our paper, the next eclipse of PDS 110 should occur in September 2017, so we have set up a global observing campaign at pds110.hughosborn.co.uk to do it.

July 2017 – After an enjoyable three hour viva, I successfully defended my PhD thesis “Long Period Exoplanets From Photometric Transit Surveys”!

May 2017 – I have moved to the Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille to start a postdoc working on the upcoming ESA PLATO mission!

December 2016 – For the first time, I am a co-author on a Nature (Astronomy) paper! We found the first example of varying exoplanetary weather on a giant exoplanet.

July 2016 – Just climbed Mont Blanc, (Western) Europe’s highest mountain.

February 2016 – I made it through the heats into the FameLab regional final where I talked about exoplanetary climate forecasts for 3 minutes. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the UK finals though!

November 2015 – Somehow, too many pub quizzes got me onto the 2015/2016 series of University Challenge! We got through to the last 16. The episode is here.

November 2014 – I have been selected as one of five contestants in the I’m A Scientist space zone. Students from across the UK will be sending questions our way for the next few weeks and whoever is voted to have answered the best, wins! UPDATE – I came second! Not too shabby, especially considering I’ve been here in Chile for the last week and unable to answer many questions at all!

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