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Variability in the atmosphere of the hot giant planet HAT-P-7 b – D. J. Armstrong et al (Nature Astronomy)

EPIC201702477b: A Long Period Transiting Brown Dwarf from K2 – D Bayliss et al


EPIC211089792 b: an aligned and inflated hot jupiter in a young visual binary – A. Santerne et al

EPIC210957318b and EPIC212110888b: two inflated hot-Jupiters around Solar-type stars – J. Lillo-Box et al


Single Transit Candidates from K2: Detection and Period Estimation – H.P. Osborn et al

K2 Variable Catalogue II: Machine Learning Classification of Variable Stars and Eclipsing Binaries in K2 Fields 0-4 – D. J. Armstrong et al

WASP-135b: A Highly Irradiated, Inflated Hot Jupiter Orbiting a G5V Star  – J. J. Spake et al
The Host Stars of Keplers Habitable Exoplanets: Superflares, Rotation and Activity – D. J. Armstrong et al

Photo-dynamical mass determination of the multi-planetary system K2-19 – S. C. C. Barros et al

One of the closest exoplanet pairs to the 3:2 mean motion resonance: K2-19b and c – D. J. Armstrong et al

K2 Variable Catalogue: Variable Stars and Eclipsing Binaries in K2 Campaigns 1 and 0 – D. J. Armstrong et al


K2 Variable Catalogue I: A Catalogue of Variable Stars from K2 Field 0 – D.J. Armstrong, H.P. Osborn, D.J.A. Brown et al

Photometry of Young Stars with WASP. Poster presented at TOE2014, Porto – Hugh Osborn, Don Pollacco, David Brown et al

WASP-104b and WASP-106b: two transiting hot Jupiters in 1.75-day and 9.3-day orbits. – Smith, A. M. S. et al

On the abundance of circumbinary planets  – Armstrong, D. J.; Osborn, H. P.; Brown, D. J. A. et al

Detecting Long Period Planets with WASP. Poster presented at UK Exoplanet Community Meeting, Cambridge – Hugh Osborn & Don Pollacco.


Habitable Zone Lifetimes of Exoplanets around Main Sequence Stars, 2013, Astrobiology: Volume 13, Issue 9. – Andrew J. Rushby, Mark W. Claire, Hugh Osborn, and Andrew J. Watson

Generation of a target list of observable exoplanets for The Exoplanet Characterisation Observatory (EChO), Vol. 8, EPSC2013-1073, 2013 – R . Varley et al


The Sodium Tails of Near-Sun Comets. Poster at RAS National Astronomy Meeting, 2012. Small bodies in Our Solar System Session A. Geraint Jones, H. P. Osborn, Y. Ramanjooloo

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