Astronomy On Tap Trivia, March 2020, Democracy Brewing, Boston:

“The Mysterious Seven” Astronomy on Tap Talk, December 2019, Bern Switzerland

Talk at ESP2/ “Single, Shallow & Strange transits” (Sept 2019)

Poster at TESS SciCon, July 2018:

March 2019 – Invited colloquium talk at CSH, Bern on Finding TESS planets with Neural Nets:

September 2018 – Talk on Finding TESS planets with Neural Nets at BAEM16 (Bay Area Exoplanet Meeting), joint with Megan Ansdell:

August 2018 – Talk on FDL Exoplanet challenge at NASA “Event Horizon”, Intel, San Jose, CA, USA

April 2018 – Poster on Neural Nets at UK Exoplanet Meeting, Oxford

June 2017 – Talk on Monotransits at “Transiting Exoplanets” Conference at Keele, UK

June 2017 – Poster on PDS 110 at “Transiting Exoplanets”, Keele, UK

April 2017 – Poster on Young star dips at UK Exoplanet Meeting, St. Andrews, UK

Feb 2017 – Outreach talk at Norwich Astronomical Society, Seething, UK

June 2016 – Poster on Monotransits at Exoplanets II, Davos, Switzerland

Aprile 2016 – Talk on Monotransits at UK Exoplanet Meeting, Exeter, UK