Uploading an overleaf paper to arXiv

It’s not always obvious exactly how to proceed, so here’s a quick guide.

1) Fix compilation problems on overleaf

Even though overleaf might still be able to compile a pdf with a few orange/red warnings, arxiv definitely will not. So click on “logs and output files” and go through the bugs & warnings one-by-one fixing them.

2) Download the source

You’ll need a .zip file for arxiv

3) Recompile the source on your computer

Unfortunately that .zip file isn’t usually enough (especially if, like most of us, you use bibtex). So you’ll have to unzip the src.zip and recompile the source. Of course, in order to compile the paper, you will need to have latex locally running on your computer, so if you dont (i.e. if running “pdflatex” in the command line give you nothing) then download latex from here https://www.latex-project.org/get/

If you now have latex, get the command line up, cd into the (unzipped) source folder, and now run pdflatex [your .tex file], followed by the bibtex [your .bib file], and once again pdflatex [your .tex file]. Verify that the pdf that is generated looks good and has the correct references, and that a .bbl file has been created. If so, you need to re-zip the folder.

4) Upload to arXiv

Now you can start a submission to arxiv. You’ll need to choose the license – I haven’t read much into this, but I usually choose arxiv’s own license for this. Then upload the source and hope that nothing breaks. For the abstract you can copy it from overleaf (most peoples computers should compile any latex maths in the abstract) but make sure to remove any macros and comments.

For the comments, it’s typical to put the paper status (is it submitted, accepted, etc?), the number of tables and figures, and any other accompanying links/data/etc.

Some extra points:

  • Do not upload the proof-corrected version. The journal you submitted to has rights to that – you only have rights to the pre-corrected (i.e. preprint) version.
  • Go through the paper comments and remove anything… silly. Otherwise the overheard on astroph bot might find it.

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