Astronomy Flight Survey

As astronomers we study the cosmos from distant observatories and travel to far-flung locations for international conferences. But we, more than most, know the impact such long-haul flights will have on our planet’s climate.

Please fill out this survey, so that we can gauge astronomers’ travel habits and figure out just how much damage our field’s addiction to travel is causing. With this data we can lobby large observatories and conferences, and help change our field for the better.

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One thought on “Astronomy Flight Survey

  1. A couple of comments to improve the survey:
    * Some of us drive to, rather than fly to, our observing trips.
    * For a few locations (e.g. Australia), I head down that way once every other year or so. So a “0.5 trips per year” category might be useful.
    * There is a whole fly-over portion of the USA that will gravely resent the only two categories of location for the USA being “West Coast” versus “East Coast”.

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